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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 1/29/2016

Janus Leadership

The time has come to solidafy our branch. As a Ekat spy I say we start a council of 5. Currently four spots are left. To sucure a spot tell me. First four will get a spot unless I decide otherwise. No Lucian's, Toma's, Ekats, or Madrigal. If we find a intruder we will have to do background checks.
Janus Leader,
John Cahill
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• 1/4/2016

RE: Advertising on The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki

Dear all,
It has recently come to our attention that there have been people advertising on our wiki without any prior permission from an Admin or Bureaucrat. If you would like to advertise a new website or anything of that sort, please do not hesitate to contact one of us on our message walls. Unsolicited advertising on this wiki will be promptly deleted.
And, on a more personal note, I would like to congratulate Lucianvesper and Razorvoid for setting an example. That is, what not to do when you're advertising your own wiki, like openly state that you hate an entire community of people your age, some of whom you will not have met before. Really, that doesn't bode well as a judgement of your characters; keep your conversations and opinions to yourself.
~ Jane, and the Admins and Bureaucrats of the 39 Clues Message Board Wiki.
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• 8/14/2015


Hey there, users of the wiki. I'm here 'cause I heard that there's rumors being spread around about this wiki migrating to another location. Just wanted to drop by to say that is not true. This wiki is staying here, after all we did spend a ton of time revamping the whole thing :P
So now that we have that cleared up, feel free to go about your business.
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• 7/15/2015

Wiki Policies

Hello all :)
As it turns out, you may have been unaware of the several wiki policies that we have concerning chatting, editing and general respect here; these are incredibly important, and it has come to our attention that these may not have been highlighted as much as they should have been. Therefore, we ask that you carefully read through them in your spare time.
~ The Admins of the 39 Clues Message Board Wiki
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• 6/29/2015

Message Wall Greetings, and how to make them

Upon the closer inspection of several user message walls, you may find various greetings embedded into their pages.

My greeting. A couple of years ago, I made a tutorial based around the creation of one of these, albeit in such a badly-formatted state I'm surprised at myself for even posting it without articulating certain base points.
Regardless, such a greeting is quite cute (and will make you seem incredibly pro in the long run despite it being really quite easy to make) so if you do want to make one, here's how:
1) Create a page called: Message Wall Greeting:Your username here (e.g. Message Wall Greeting:ReadingLavender9). It should be blank. Click on "Edit the page!".
2) Following this, you can basically do whatever you want to the page itself; any text/picture/code will appear on the panel above your message wall - this is basically where you can let your artistry run wild. However, this is where methods diverge, with two options available for you to use as vectors of creation.
OPTION A - simpler

Chu's message wall greeting created using option A. You can photoshop/draw/eq. your own message wall greeting on an external program (such as Adobe Photoshop), in which case you can just insert it as an image onto the greeting page itself (via. the right-hand editing panel) and be done with it.
OPTION B - challenging

Option B - despite it being called "challenging" - is still fairly easy to utiltise well enough to create a greeting as it involves the usage of simple coding; something that, in reality, is quite easy to learn.
As a result of this, you will want to go into source mode to ensure your code will work efficiently and, as a result, not be seen in your final product.

It should also be completely barren prior to you typing up any code on it which, post-edits, should look vaguely like those visible on my greeting (see left). Feel free to copy my code and alter it to your tastes should you wish to do so.
Now, to talk you through it:
- Code is almost always written in American English. Therefore, words such as colour or, in the instance above, centre become color  and center. Wikia will not register your code if it isn't in American English.
And line-by line ... (ignore the dots that separate the code from the brackets)
Line one: <.div style="border:5px solid yellow;padding:20px;border-radius:25px".>
"div" defines a division or a section in a HTML document (upon which we're building our message wall greeting on).
"border:5px solid yellow" states that the border must be 5px thick and be in solid yellow. Simple enough.
"padding:20px" defines the space betwen my border and the actual text I want displayed on my greeting.
"border-radius:25px" allow my borders to become rounded-edged. Deleting it would give you sharp edges.
Line two: <.center.>
"Center" allows for my greeting to stay smack-bang in the centre of a page and, as a result, not be askew.
Line three: <.font size="3" face="calibri" color="yellow">Welcome to the Moffat-filled world of Jane!.</font.>
"Welcome to the Moffat-filled world of Jane!" is the first bit of text I want displayed on my greeting; all other instructions handed to my computer for its final look are surrounding it.
"font size="3" face="calibri" color="yellow"" states that I was the aforementioned bit of text to be size three when displayed and be in the font calibri and be yellow. The quotation marks separate each piece of information within the brackets <> to ensure that the computer does not mess up any of the information and, thus, mar the final image of my greeting.
"b" represents bolding, with my request being that the text also be in bold. This is in a separate bracket.
<./b>.<./font> represents me finishing off this line of code; it acts like a period in a sentence, for instance.
Line four:<.font face="calibri"><.font color="yellow">Message wall - tell quickly if convenient. If inconvenient, tell anyway. Muchas gracias.</.font><./font>
This line is almost identical in terms of code to line three. This time, however, the text I want displayed is "message wall - tell quickly if convenient. If inconvenient, tell anyway. Muchas gracias" with no bolding. 
Line five: the code to my signature (which won't display properly in this post). Learn how to make one here[[ ]] . By no means is this necessary in a message wall greeting. In this bit of code, the bit displayed in my final greeting is "ReadingLavender9, souffle girl of 221B" and a timestamp, with surrounding bits of information symbolising it linking to my profile as well as typeface (see: papyrus) as well as colour (brown).  
Lines six and seven: <./center> <./div> As mentioned, these act like periods in a sentence, finishing off my code - in this case, it is used to tell the computer there is no further use for center and the div command beyond my greeting. And after this, taaaaadaaaaa! A message wall greeting :D
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• 6/28/2015

Guess Red's real name - OFFICAL GAME POST

(Red has given me his blessing to do this, fyi :P)
Obviously, Red's real name is not "Red" but rather something completely and utterly normal for a Scot like himself. As a result, he challenges you to correctly guess his name; the winner gets a wonderful prize of an unspecified amount of caramel to enjoy/stab people figuratively with.
Bonus points will be rewarded if you also get his surname correct.
Enjoy, and guess on :D
EDIT- names guessed so far:
- Alex
- Andy (x2)
- Clifford
- James Bond
- Dan
- Arthur (x2)
- Bill
- Carl
- Alison/Allie (x12345678904342343950398204)
- Albus
- Aidan

- Alistair (2)
- Allan/Allen/Alan
- Ainsley
- Albert (x2)
- Alvin (and the chipmunks)
- Andrew
- Charles
- Bob the Builder
- Banana (BA-BA-BA,BA-NA-NA-NA)
- Austin
- Arlen
- Aragorn (lmao Red would like this name)
- Amy
- Android (this one fits him perfectly)
- Argus
- Aerosmith
- Axel (Red has never ice skated :P )
- Alec
- Ashley
- Atticus (I really want to make a groan-worthy TKM joke right now ...)
- Adrian
- Agamemnon
- André
- Anderson ("don't talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street")
- Alexis
- Alder
- Arlington
- Aron (Red says he hates "Aaron" and all other version of the name xD)
- Ashwin (I know an Ashwin irl, actually)
- Amrod
- Avis
- Alabaster
- Alder
- Dean
- Cas
- Dianne
- Arnold (x2)
- Asshole (apt name)
- Butthole (technically the same word as ^, but whatever)
- Dick
- Anthony
- Anton
- Annie
- Argonaut
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• 6/17/2015

The Third Anniversary

Today marks the Third Anniversary of the Founding of The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki! 3 years ago today, I created this wiki. Little did I know that it would grow into such a wonderful, lively community hub.
Over the past month and a half, a major Wiki Revamp has been ongoing, intended to match the anniversary. Now, we begin the days of celebration as our new-look Wiki hits 3 years old!
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• 6/1/2015

June 2015 Article Stub Contest

Jess walked on stage; Amber, Kathy, Jason, Sapph, Jane, and Red at her side. The audience chattered for a moment before dying down, then Jess cleared her throat and stepped up to the podium, adjusting the microphone.
“Hello, everyone. Can you hear me?”
At least twenty people nodded. Megan screamed “YES I CAN!”
“Today I will be presenting you all with something special. A month long challenge. This contest is no trick.  It is serious business. Most of you know you belong to the Wiki family, but many of you do not realize how important our family is.
“My relatives, you stand on the brink of our greatest challenge. Each of you have the potential to succeed. Most of you, I’m afraid, will decline the challenge and run away with your tails between your legs. Only one of you will succeed, and each of you must sacrifice your time to participate.” Jess paused, her eyes were as bright and hard as steel. “If you accept, you will be given a chance for glory. I now beg you all to listen to Kathy. Allow her to explain the rules. Think long and hard before you make your choice.” Another pause. “I’m counting on you all. Good luck, and good-bye.”
With that, Jess walked backstage, leaving Kathy at the podium. There was a murmur from the crowd as they let what Jess just said sink in. A challenge? What challenge? What’s in it for them?
Kathy waited at the podium for it to quiet down. “This challenge is a chance to make one of you the User of the Month. Your avatar and a link to your user page will be seen on the Community Corner of the Wiki Activity page. You’ll be celebrated, heaps of awards await you if you accept this challenge and win. Those of you who wish to leave this auditorium and not take part can now.”
Several of the Wikians stood up and left, muttering about this being a time waster. It was decided beforehand that these people will be shunned. Thirty seconds later, it was quiet again.
“The beginning of June launches our month long Stub Editing Contest.” She began again. “We are asking you- yes, you- to take part of our amazing wiki and add to our stubbed pages, making the wiki flourish!”
Eyes in the crowd lighted up, a chance for User of the Month, and making our wiki flourish? That could potentially draw in friends from the actual Message Board! YES!
“If you all would refer to our wiki’s editing policy, there you will find our most basic requirements. There will be a few more rules, to make this challenge work smoothly.”
Kathy continued, “First of all, you have a total of 5 stub edits a day. You can only edit the same article three times a day. All stub edits must be labeled, or they will not count.”
“How do we label our stub edits?” Chu called up from the crowd of eager editors.
“That is probably the best question I have heard all day, Chu.” Jason spoke up, clicking a button from a clicker. On the projector behind the group, this picture showed up:

“We expect you guys to use that “Edit summary” box. In the summary, you need to write: Stub Contest. Only then will we count it.”
Kathy spoke into the mike once again. “You can only edit the same article three times out of those five edits. Any more than that, the edits will be considered spam and not counted.” Jason clicked the clicker again.

For example:
Is acceptable. This will not be counted:

“One word edits will not be counted,” At this, Amber took over the microphone. “Do not remove the stub template, even if the article is full. The administrators will keep score of the edits, and at the end of the month we will let you know who won.
“Here is the twist though: If you do not follow the rules, any of the rules mentioned above or in the Editing policy, you will lose a point. Each point you lose keeps you from getting the grand prize.
“Do you, fellow Wikian’s, accept the challenge?” 

If you have made it this far, that means you have already accepted the challenge or didn't want to read that. 
Here are some links that will help you during this contest. These are the only clues that will be handed to you:
Here is a list of Article Stubs. And here is the Editing Policy.
And just for kicks, here are some answers to questions you might have. 
Do I get to see where you are keeping score?
No. If you could see it, you could tamper with it, and that will not be allowed. We will reveal the scores to you at the end of the month.
Where are the scores being counted?
You don’t get to know. Sorry.
Do I have to participate?
No, you do not have to participate, but we would love it if you would. It shows us that you are willing to be an active member of our community, and by taking part you stand out above those who don’t.
Also, if you don’t you will be shunned forever. Forever.
Are we going to have more contests?
We might, if this one goes well. Any ideas for different contests are much appreciated.
I do not understand the rules.
Every time you edit a stub article the correct way; with the summary being “Stub Contest” and more than one word or grammar error fixed, you will receive a point. Every time you edit a stub without the summary being “Stub Contest” or a one word or grammar error edit, you will lose a point. Any time you edit a stub properly more than three times in a day, you will lose a point. Any time you edit stubs more than five times a day, you will lose a point. You do not have to have five edits a day, if you can only edit once or twice, that's fine too. 
What do I get if I win?
A chance for glory. You get to be our first User of the Month, and you will be recognized in our Community Corner on the Wiki Activity page. 

Why does that speech sound familiar?
Please read the first few chapters of The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan, starting when Grace Cahill is on video talking to her relatives. 
Good luck, Wikians. The race is on. 
Jess 00:40, June 1, 2015 (UTC)
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• 5/24/2015

Adding Pictures on Articles

Hello guys, this is Jess speaking to you today on the topic of adding/editing pictures on an article.When you go to edit, hit the drop down arrow and click “Classic Editor” as the new editor will not always work for you, and it’s what I’m using for this tutorial.

On the top right hand side there should be two tabs. One should be called “Visual” and the other should be called “Source”. You should have defaulted to visual, but we’re going to go to source mode. On the far right, you should see the title “Add features and Media” and underneath is five buttons. Click photo.

Since most of you have avatars, I’m going to guess you all know how to upload photos. But if not, click the choose file button, choose a file and hit upload.

This is what should pop up once you hit upload. Usually, you put in what you want, it spits it out onto the page for you, and you’re done. But you can do so much other stuff with pictures than just the basics here. So add the photo using the basics, and I’ll show you how to change alignment, size, link things, and caption without using the default.
When I added the picture it gave me [[File:Tumblr_11.jpg|thumb]]
Say you want to make the picture bigger. All you have to do is replace “thumb” with a number, let’s say “350px”
So you would then have [[File:Tumblr_11.jpg|350px]] Replacing thumb with a number and adding px (I believe it stands for pixels) will decrease or increase size.
So you have your nice 350px picture, but its showing up on the left instead of the center, and you have no idea how to fix that. Here’s the fix: You’re going to add another one of these to your coding: |
If you have no idea where to find that, it should be under the backspace button. If not, your keyboard is weird.
[[File:Tumblr_11.jpg|350px|center]] should center the picture, if you want it to the right, you replace center with right. If you are worried about not getting any of these steps right, you can go back and look in the visual mode and switch back to source mode.
If you want someone to be able to click on a picture that takes you to another page on the wiki, you need to add another |

For example: [[File:Tumblr_11.jpg|350px|center|link=User:CobrastyleNinja30]] If I were to click on the picture, it would take me to my User page. You can do this with regular articles also.
You must have the "link=" part, or it will be a caption. You can have links and captions on the same picture.
Lastly, If you would like to add a caption, make another | and add what you would like to say.
[[File:Tumblr_11.jpg|350px|center|We must defeat the Huns]]
You will not be able to see the caption on the visual mode. If you publish, you will be able to see your edit. 

Then your final product is:
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• 5/20/2015

Admin and Bureaucrat LIVE Google+ hangouts

To celebrate this Wiki's third anniversary, we are planning to - over the course of a weekend - host a bunch of livestreams that you are free to attend on Google+ where you can ask us, the Admins and Bureaucrats, anything under the sun :)
Of course, this is still in the talks due to a whole array of logistical problems, but should all things go to plan, expect to see our faces on your screens some time next month.
ADMINS AND B-CRATS: If you're willing to participate, please tell me in advance by messaging me here and I'll find a way to add y'all on the platform itself.
EVERYONE ELSE: We'll notify you once anything becomes official, but don't hesisate to show your support by commenting below :P
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• 5/18/2015

The New Wiki Theme

After weeks of discussions and planning, the admins of The 39 Clues Message Board Wiki have finally decided on our new theme! The theme attempts to reflect the look of the original Message Board, adapted to fit the Wiki.
Over the past few weeks, in an attempt to improve the standards of our content, the admins have been very busy in cleaning up our articles. This new theme is designed to fit our new standards!
Any feedback would be very appreciated.
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• 5/14/2015

Ooh look, the wiki forum

Hey guys look at me, I'm on the forums.
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• 5/2/2015


Hi guys,
Just a reminder that mentioning this wiki on the MB is absolutely forbidden. It has always been an unspoken agreement of sorts to not do so via. explicit posts about this place not being let through back in the day; we would prefer if those of you that are still active on the forum itself continue to honour this :)
- A PSA from us Admins and B-Crats.
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• 5/1/2015


Ekats are quite awesome. Of course, I am mostly saying that as I AM an Ekat. :P
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• 4/30/2015

A Message Board Fanfic

*looks at the sorry state of the "Message Board"*
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• 8/31/2014

I'm back!!!!

yeah.. I'm back from my summer break. How is everyone??!?!?!
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• 6/19/2014

Second Wiki Anniversary

First off I must apologise for forgetting. I am indeed ashamed. Because...
It's now 2 years and 2 days since I first accidentally hit 'create wiki' and ended up regretting it a year and a bit later :P
It's been full of ups and downs but thanks (I think) for making it what it is!
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• 3/14/2014

Sherlock quiz
This is great fun. Which character are you guys most like?
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• 1/29/2014

Happy year of ze horse

So as you may (or may not) know, 2014 is the year of the horse ...  And since Chinese New Year is coming up on the 31st, well ...
So 恭喜发财 and be sure to eat a lot of chocolate and recieve loads of money) ^_^
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