A Chain Reaction of Compassion is a movement on the Message Board to promote love, compassion, and peace. It was started by Jessica (CobraRed30/AwesomeNinja30), Eliana (CobraAzure40/Classified), and Kimberly (AmethystMeadow2/AmethystMeadow14) in August of 2012. Help was also provided by Maleia (AmazingAble44/AmazingAble50, Rosie (AmbitiousAmethyst47/AmethystStorm20), and Angela (OperativeExplorer1/Classified).

The movement was popular, and many people put the name of the movement in their signatures, people such as gabby, Carla, Star, and many others spreading warmth within. To keep the page up within the first few pages of the Message Board, members of the movement would post inspiring and compassionate quotes.

Eventually, the page started to die down as time went on, and a year passed, people came and left, and those who stuck around decided to come togther in an effort to start A Chain Reaction of Compasssion. Kimberly started up another planning page where her, Jessica, and eKat (DolphinDolphin1379/DolphinDolphin122) will restart the movement and pick up where the original left off.