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Hey! I'm Rosie, and this is the page all about ME. :)


I'm really tall, like 5'10". I have either golden brown hair, or darker blond hair... depending on who you ask :p, with lots of natural high lights. I have green eyes, and I'm very slender. If you catch me on the farm, I would be in jeans and a baggy t-shirt. But I hate being seen outside of the farm with a t-shirt on. You might call me a girly girl. I must have nice clothes, hair done and makeu-up done before I leave the house. Otherwise... I'm doing it the car! :p Dont judge... :)


The test said Ekaterina, but I should be Janus. So I'm a Ekat/Janus mix. :) If I had to choose, I would say that my dad was the Ekat and my mom the Janus. My brother definitely got the Ekat gene though... Not much of the Janus, don't ever be around when he's singing in the shower. *Shudders*


I'm a super talented pianist. I love science! You see why I'm and Ekat/Janus mix? I love dancing... though I don't take classes. I've mastered the art of annoying my parents and siblings, but I generally don't annoy anyone else. I'm super friendly and make friends really easily.


My first post was on the allience! page, on February 24th, 2012. The allience that I still belong to now! The first story that I read was by DragonCommando228. My first Amian, was A New Beginning by gabby. I joined a bunch of Anti-Vesper groups... which I kinda stopped going to after I figured out what the whole Vesper thing was. :p... Poor un-informed newbie me! I made my first story May 1st, it wasn't a huge hit. But I got three great friends out of it, Kim, James and Laura! I ran in the Ekaterina Elections, and won Co-Leader. I started my duties the beginning of August. I started on the T39CMB August 22nd.


I love Piano, as I already said. I can sing pretty well too. I'm good at math, but I don't really like it. Same with English. I love Science! I'm great at research and if you can call organizing a talent, then I've got that one! :)