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This is about the Roleplay/story Character. For her creator, see SteelBone2 (Ashley).


Vesper Prisoner RP

Ashley's mother was a Cahill (Janus), and her father was secretly a Vesper, who, like AJT (Dan and Amy's father), was told to fall in love with a Cahill to gain their secrets. However, unlike AJT, he never severed his ties with the Vespers.

After Ashley (Ash) and her identical twin sister, Fyre, were born, their parents got a divorce, their Vesper father taking Fyre and their Cahill mother taking Ashley. Because of this, Ashley has a strong connection with the Vesper's, while Fyre, however, hates the Cahill's.

Ashley and Fyre meet up sixteen years later, Ashley tells Fyre that she 'Can't take over the world' since she's 'Only sixteen'. Fyre is surprised, saying that their dad 'Never told her' because he 'couldn't care less', which leads to the speculation that their father was somewhat abusive, possibly causing Fyre to be the way she is.

Because Fyre is identical to Ashley (Aside from the fact that the red streak in her hair is on the wrong side,) she is easily able to steal the Cahill's identity, locking her up in a small basement of Fyre's 'Summer House' (Implying she doesn't own it.)