Beyond the Grave
Beyond the Grave
Author Jude Watson
Main Setting(s) Cairo, Luxor, Aswan (Egypt)
Publication date June 2, 2009
Pages 192
Series 39 Clues
Preceded by
The Sword Thief
Followed by
The Black Circle

Message From the Dead

Betrayed by their cousins, abandoned by their uncle, and with only the slimmest hint to guide them, fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, rush off to Egypt on the hunt for 39 Clues that lead to a source of an unimaginable power. But when they arrive, Amy and Dan get something completely unexpected - a message from their dead grandmother, Grace. Did Grace set out to help the two orphans..or are Amy and Dan heading for the most devastating betrayal of them all?

Beyond the Grave is the fourth book in The 39 Clues.


Beyond the Grave was written by Jude Watson, a Madrigal undercover as an Ekaterina.


“How do you say yoo-hoo in Arabic?" "I believe that yoo-hoo could be part of a universal language," Dan said. "Like ow. Or- you're stepping on my foot." "That's universal?" "No, you're stepping on my foot. Ow." -Jude Watson, Beyond the Grave

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