• Jaguar Satake


    May 20, 2019 by Jaguar Satake

    Hi, I was on the T39CMB for a good number of years before it shut down. Just found this....anyone still here?

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  • ClueQuest50

    Favorite Characters

    March 23, 2019 by ClueQuest50

    Yo guys! what ur fave characters?

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  • Wσℓƒgιяℓ

    Who's alive?

    July 11, 2018 by Wσℓƒgιяℓ

    Oh, man. I don't even remember how this wiki works anymore (and I used to know all the ins and outs...)

    It's been, what, two years? Three? 

    Anyway, a quick update for whoever's here that still checks this place: it's me, Sapph. I graduated recently, and I'm headed to British Columbia for uni in September. I also deleted snapchat (so if you're in that SC group, that's why I've been silent).

    I don't have any plans (or any money) to travel in the near future, but I will be in New York for about two days at the end of the month -- so if you by chance happen to be there, hit me up! I'm all for meeting up, but I'm also pretty broke and I have to pay tuition. Any West Coast pals, feel free to travel up to B.C. to find me (I really want to meet you g…

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  • Mistress Cillessen

    Those of you on the Discord chat know this but apparently my account (and all my other accounts) are permanently banned.

    SpyUnicorn is banned for 'spamming' - questionable because I hadn't posted on the MB for a month before I found I was banned.

    The others just show up as banned for no reason, and I tried one of our old joint accounts - still banned (for inappropriate behavior but ya kno it was DY).

    So just a heads up, yeah? If anyone who is still active on the MB can post like, a PSA on this (not sure if anyone still there really cares but?), please send me a message!

    Also, in general, if anyone wants to catch up or anything, y'all can hit up that Discord chat, email/IG/FB/Twitter/etc/etc me, or just post on my profile! It's been years - can…

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  • Mistress Michaelis

    We definitely should get together.

    am moving to St. John within the next thirteen months, and then off to California for college, but maybe over the summer we could all figure something out.

    Just a thought ;)

    On another note: why is my profile bio refusing to be edited? That thing is a disgrace to humanity in general and makes me cringe ;-;

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  • Mistress Michaelis

    Once upon a time, centuries of MB years ago, we once had a plan to meet up one day in real life.

    What would you think if we actually tried that?

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  • YellowPenguin37


    September 24, 2017 by YellowPenguin37

    Uhhh... I haven't been here or the MB in a while so I thought I'd check in and I spent some time reading over my posts in both places and... YIKES the cringe is real.

    How's everyone doing?

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  • Mistress Michaelis


    September 22, 2017 by Mistress Michaelis

    i'm bored now XD i just wanted to see who's on 

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  • Sagethemadhatter


    My time management is crap. Seriously. I have had a reputation with my teachers last year because I kept passing my projects late. Not all. But a lot. A BIG lot.

    Plus procrastination is object for time allotment. One needs to read books and watch Game of Thrones once in a while.

    P.S. I'm not really a coffee person. I wasn't until we had this monster called research paper.

    P.P.S. This is a cry for online friends disguised as a cry for advice. But I actually DO need advice. XD

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  • AnalyzingBaseball14A


    August 13, 2017 by AnalyzingBaseball14A

    Honestly logged on here because I'm baked as shit and it's literally 4:05 rn but what's up my negroes, if any of y'all want to talk to me slide in my dms on insta or follow my snap or some ish so hmu 

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  • AmazingAble44

    hey idk if anyone remembers me.  I'm Maleia...I used to come on here often.  I was feeling a little nostalgic and I had a lot of good friends on here.  Though I'd check back in  and say hi :)

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  • Masayuu the Maker

    I used to go on here by a different name, but I'm too embarassed to say which. I must apologize. So.

    I go by Masayuu and I'm a 16-year old girl. I also have a headache and gotta work on my shitty Wattpad stories, so I'll go now. Nice to meet you again.

    What's been up with you guys?

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  • EllieandtaliaVv8

    • ===Started streamin on Twitch daily. Check it out here===
    • ===Graduated High school last year, holding off college for a bit. ===
    • ===Came out as trans (if you're still on the MB, you'd know that. Name is now Vincent :) )===

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  • SapphirePhoenix471

    This place used to be sooooo active :/ I miss when there used to be like six people on the chat at once. James, Jason, Kathy, Ashley, Clair, Oz, Lyss... Now I'm lucky if I can manage to catch Hazel or Chu or Nyla on the chat.

    Is there a common time we can all come on the chat, possibly during the summer holidays sometime? It would be nice to meet up with everyone again.

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  • Mistress Michaelis
    • crashing*
    • screaming*
    • windows shattering*
    • picks self up from floor, brushing broken glass and dirt off of myself*

    Well, hi!

    • smiles*

    I'm back...

    • smile turns mysterious*

    Am I back though?



    I haven't decided yet.

    I guess we'll wait see, eh?

    It depends.

    On what, you ask?

    Well, you see...

    My mood.

    My parents.

    My life.

    The universe.

    The alignment of the stars.

    The planets themselves.

    Everything, I answer.

    As for now...

    I shall consider myself back.

    For the moment.

    I won't be on regularly.

    But that is not the reason I am "here".

    I need to ask a favor.

    I have joined a world of writing, deadlines, staying-up-late-because-I-have-to, coffee, and stress.


    Journalism class.


    My overlord demands views for this next article.

    What's my next article, you ask?

    Possibly th…

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  • Master Lightwood1


    March 31, 2017 by Master Lightwood1

    Hey guys!

    So, I was listening to a playlist today, and a son by Tenth Avenue North came on, and then that reminded me of strangers Here, and then that reminded me of all you guys. So I'm here! How are you guys? What's happening with y'all?

    I'm literally probably gonna make this one post, check your replys and then come on this website again in about two years as I always do because I'm useless, so if you want to communicate with me/stalk me in the meantime, you can find me on Young Writer's Society, where I go by Kazey, or on Instagram, where I'm luke_kazey

    Hope you're all okay!


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  • Mistress Cillessen

    hi hello how are you good? good. I'm good too. lez get started.

    Sooooo I know it's been pretty dead around here but if any of y'alls are doing camp nano this April, throw your username down below and I'll add you to my cabin and we can be CABINMATESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    Also if y'alls just want to talk, you can comment too. Comment anything. Spam me with memes. Please tell me this place isn't as dead as it looks :D

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  • SapphirePhoenix471


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  • SapphirePhoenix471

    Yikes okay so I come online here all the time but it never ocurrs to me that I should check the blog posts.

    Anyway? How are you? Good? Me neither!

    I miss you guys, I really do.

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  • Mistress Cillessen


    December 26, 2016 by Mistress Cillessen

    Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by the amount of times we've all chatted with each other this past year (which is zero, btw).

    Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate (or don't), by the way :D

    Anyways, I figured we could all try to get together at some point on the 31st, just to catch up with each other and hang out and stuff before school's back in session and whatever.

    So yeah, it'd be really nice if y'all could try to spread the word about this and try to make it then.. Usually, people are on around 8pm EST, but anytime before that should be fine, too :)

    Anyways, Rogue One just ripped out my feels. I have yet to watch Fantastic Beats but I think it will also rip out my feels. Bye I'll go back to …

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    October 23, 2016 by MeganisAWESOMEPERCY

    This place has become a barren wasteland. Basically. I know Chewy's still here, Klary occasionally, Zeke... Any other stragglers?

    Hello? It's me?

    Haven't been here for a few months. The nostalgia is killing me.

    Wish we could turn back time... To the good old days...

    But not really. Life now is kind of mindblowingly amazing. Just ordered Tyler Joseph's floral kimono from Amazon, yelled a lot about the stupidly expensive limited edition Black Parade jacket, skyped Ash, had virtually no homework for the long weekend. I can actually see trees from my window. Oh right, I'm in Canada.

    The future is bulletproof!

    Funny how I'm only making blog posts once everyone is gone.

    Everything I do is bittersweet.

    You know what's also funny but not also really extreme…

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  • Mistress Cillessen

    ......nobody's here, but is anyone doing NaNoWriMo? :D

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  • TheOneKnownAsMonkey

    The Cycle

    August 30, 2016 by TheOneKnownAsMonkey

    Due to the fact that I have neither the time, nor the interest, nor the determination to remain active here or in the Message Board, I see no more problem in revealing the info I omitted since I joined this... community, let's call it.

    My age: I was born in 2002.

    My face: I might post it later when I'm not lazy.

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  • Viraldude


    July 31, 2016 by Viraldude

    I've forgotten about this place. I feel like I have to relearn who you all are...

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  • ReadingLavender9

    .... A consensus must be reached.


    1. Does this mean that the Wiki won't be used?

    No. The Wiki will still serve as our main base of communications, but an alternate chat on a third-party website should help make talking to each other easier. It might also help solve our recurring problem of never finding time to deliberately wander onto the Wiki.

    2. But I'm not in the Google Plus/Skype chat!

    We've only recently created Google Plus and Skype chats. Why two? Well, it's just to allow users to get a feel of using both social media platforms before deciding which they want to use. If you aren't on a chat, tell one of the active Admins (Red, Sapph, Kathy, or me) your username and we'll add you into the group.

    3. Why wasn't I told about this?


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    I am leaving for Australia for a school camp trip thing that does not allow electronic devies. In other words, I am leaving the internet for a month. 17 July to 14 August. Rest in peace, my lovely internet life. Don't throw any parties while I'm gone, peeps. At least, not any fun ones where everyone shows up and it becomes one of those "YOU REMEMBER THAT TIME" ones.

    I'll end on a G note.

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  • Mistress Cillessen

    According to Megwhale, her Canadian friends are meese, so...


    • throws maple syrup and poutine and hockey merch everywhere*
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  • Pandaskel

    I am only fluent in that last language.

    Anyway, hello! None of you most likely remember me, but my name's Sandra, AKA Seira, Kanon, Shigeko, and I think maybe one or two other names (really can't remember). I was never really on here much, but I've been catching up with a lot of old friends lately (and I mean A LOT of old friends) and I guess I wanted to keep up the trend. :) So, hello! How are you all?

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  • Hopefulbreeze16

    I haven't unfortunately and instead. I ended up reading spoilers.




    WTF? is my reaction, I was literally laughing at how bad certain plot points are.

    It's bad fanfiction made official.

    In other news,I will go crazy if I have any more tests.I have had 13 so far in this lovely month of June.


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  • DVRKF1R3

    Anyone out there?

    If not...well, I'll just talk to the walls.

    Hi. I'm Montego. It's been a while.

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  • TheOneKnownAsMonkey

    Okay, so I wrote a text about a guy writing a text about a guy writing a text, and I think I need help now

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  • AmazingRuby47

    It be Ruby

    May 5, 2016 by AmazingRuby47

    Hi. :)

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    First things first-- *cookies rain down from the sky*

    I hope you're all doing great because you deserve it and if not, here's a gaggle Mikeyway approved unicorn *points to a herd of unicorns* (GAGGLE? HERD? LITTER?)

    So. We haven't been all that active, have we? I have no idea what's happening to you all, and you have no idea what's happening to me. Therefore, this is an update on me. A progress report.

    1) I'm queer af and have known that since last year but here's the proverbial official rainbow banner announcing that. Maybe I'm bisexual or maybe I'm pansexual (dammit autocorrect that's a real word) or maybe labels are stupid.

    2) Ashley aka ashleyisdone is my girlfriend so HA. That has been a fact since last year too but here's another officia…

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  • EllieandtaliaVv8

    Vince let me use our old account for me. :D Glad too see you crazy bunch again :D

    - Talia

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  • Vincent Darklight

    Hey Guys!!!!

    April 5, 2016 by Vincent Darklight

    Yo! You guys won't recognize the name, but its your friend Ellie. I came out as trans a few months ago and just now having the courage to tell you guys. :D Love Y'all!

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  • Mistress Cillessen

    Yo Chai - here's your Marwen child.

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  • Mistress Cillessen

    I think now that I know what it's like, I'm gonna try it again. My actual NaNo was pretty much just improv, writing whatever I could xD So now that I've got a month to plan, I should probably be able to make an outline of some sort and write it.

    There's also this thing called cabins, so we could make one together, maybe O_o

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  • Wσℓƒgιяℓ


    February 11, 2016 by Wσℓƒgιяℓ


    So if you guys don't know, I write on Wattpad (write being a loose term because I've deleted 95% of my stories and rarely put up anything lol) and recently, as in, today, published this one:

    It's called Ascendancy and it's in the scifi/action genre. Read it!! I only have the epigraph up, but chapter one is going up really soon. Idk I'm so excited for this lmao please read it and love me

    OR if you don't want to read it, at least just go and press the vote button for the (very short) chapters. It only takes a second THANKSSSSS

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  • ReadingLavender9


    February 8, 2016 by ReadingLavender9

    As you may or may not know, today marks the start of three days of festivities for the Chinese world in Chinese New Year :) Traditionally, this is where us younglings go to our elders to 年 (bai leen), and whole families gather together in their homes for communal meals and so forth.

    CNY also gives us an excuse to eat chocolate straight after you've woken up (I just had a Picnic bar lol). You also literally feel like you're financially secure at the prospect of receiving 利市 (lai see) - which are red paper envelopes usually filled with $20 notes in Hong Kong - from everyone :P Alongside this, grandoise firework shows and parades often take place, whether they're around the city (as is the case in Hong Kong) or in your local Chinatowns (if yo…

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  • John Cahill Janus Leader

    To the Janus,

    We need to acquire more clues while everyone is focused on the outcast. Hack into Lucian files and I will see what I can do with the Ekat s eating out of my hands. 

    Your Janus Leader,

    John Cahill

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  • Sapphirehorse149

    Wow. They didn't do that bad.... my eyes aren't dying like they did the first time they changed it.

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  • Rynn Recreaze-Vallia Morgenstern


    also we ran outta room to put the new series in the top navigation


    ya know

    there are li-trah-lee SO MANY OTHER BOOKS THAT WE CAN'T FIT IT ALL

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  • Theoldestacker

    Hey guysss

    January 18, 2016 by Theoldestacker

    Hey everyone,

    I was chatting with some STACKS friends, and we got talking about Mod Jen B and her antics. Then we found you guys's page on her.  We were on the old Read the Books 39 Clues boards in 2012 or so, before the whole site got moved over to Thirty or so of us got to a different private forum by getting coded messages past the moderators, and now four (?) years later, we're all friends on facebook, have met up, all that fun stuff. 

    We were wondering if anyone on here knows anyone else from the old boards, kokoforcahill in particular. Has there been anything interesting happening lately? Have you guys kept up the tradition of electing branch leaders?

    Here's a list of usernames of the people that have stuck together unti…

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  • Master Lightwood1

    So, I made a decision, ages ago, not to come back here. And yet, here I am. So, hello, I guess. How are you all?

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  • Mistress Michaelis

    So here’s an idea for us getting together more often: We have monthly gatherings. Like, every month, we gather to catch up and hang out and stuff and plan the next date for our gatherings. That way we can keep up with each other! :D

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  • Mistress Cillessen

    I know we've all been trying to get together on chat and we're trying to come back together in general and I just really miss those chats, so I was wondering if you guys were okay with having a chat on New Year's Eve. Like at 8-9 PM EST or something. The thing is, everyone's available, but nobody's set a specific time for us to chat, so nobody's actually been able to chat or anything.

    Hopefully you guys can spread the word about this so we can have as many people together tomorrow :)

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  • Wσℓƒgιяℓ

    Okay so I feel like writing stories for Christmas is becoming an annual thing. I wrote one last year, and I wrote one this year.

    Even though it's not Christmas anymore... but whatever, I didn't have Internet for a week. 

    Also this story has nothing to do with the wiki this time.

    It's vampires.


    Here ya go:

    AND MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALL OF YOU! I don't know who's going to see this. Cali, if you're reading this, we have to catch up sometimeeee. That goes for everyone, actually.

    Red: Meow.


    Jess, Amber & Kathy: you know how much I love you

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  • Rynn Recreaze-Vallia Morgenstern

    This is totally late, but DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE O_O

    I just wanted to say... Merry Christmas! XD

    And since I'm a generally lazy person, all I did was Google a tonna Christmassy stuff that made me think of you guys.  THESE ARE YOUR PRESENTS, THERE YOU GO, DON'T COMPLAIN O_O

    And no, I didn't get pictures for everyone because, let's face it, I only remember what seems to be a handful of you guys [I'm feeling uncharacteristically honest today....] XD  What can I say?  It's hard keeping track of you guys o_o

    Anyways, some of you guys got more "gifts" than one, soooooo enjoy :P

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  • AnalyzingBaseball14A

    Hey guy's, it's James. So as many of you know, I haven't been on here as of late. I've been swamped with homework, and I've been talking to a lot of my real life friends. So I just wanted to say a formal goodbye incase I don't come back, and I dissapear from the face of the Earth. But thanks guys, for really being apart of one of the best times of my life. Thank you.

    I still remember when I first joined the message board, the little 10 year old me, wanting to talk about the 39 clues. I loved it, and eventually I became kinda popular. I miss Gabby a lot, and I remember how she was loved. I remember joing this wiki because Red told us about it on the board, and I got curious. I left the board and became a full time wikier. I remember Eli, who…

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  • Mistress Michaelis

    So, I'm sure I've told a lot of you about this, but I'm writing a book called "Heavenswing Academy". Like, a year ago XD And I kept promising to write it.

    Well, guess what?!? It's coming out on Wattpad this week!

    To give you a run-down.....

    Rome is not a very stable angel, and she makes bad choices, under the influence of Lucifer himself.

    But God has different - very different - plans for her, and He 'intereferes'.... He gives her a choice.

    You'll have to read it to find out what happens!

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