Branch Lucian
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Spencer has accomplished many things, yet failed at some things.

• Ran for Janus Leader and lost, but made many friends including Ashley, Gabriel, Emily, Brooke, and Jason.

• Obtained Madrigal Status.

• Wrote Hunger Games RPs but decided to stop after a while for lack of time.

• Is writing "The Timelanders Strands of chaos" with Kaleb and Katline.

• At first started a club named Growles Veen, an anagram for green wolves. The club was for Janus only, but fell later once nobody went on.

• Started a club called EKTOMALUJA where anybody could join.

• Started writing the Cahill Weekly with William and became friends.

• Ran in the Madrigal Elections and won, and made friends with Kade, Kim, Rosie, Melissa, Sir Random, Becca, Jake/Grady, Skylark, David, Misty, Bella, and others.

• The whole Madrigal council tried to stop the Tomas Rebellion, but finally, Moderator Jen B. came in and made them stop herself.

• Started M.A.D.R.I.G.A.L. (Masters At Detecting, Researching, Investigating, And Learning.)

• Spencer joined the CVP once Ashley started to command it.

• Will soon help start the Clubs the Saladin League, the Official Newbie aid Sponsered by the Madrigal Council (we will ask the Janus if they would like to sponser also), and much, much more.

• Joined the 39 Clues Message Board Wiki.

•Tries to find people who would like to be the last MD (Madrigal Diplomat).

Yes, I have failed at things quite a few times. But we learn from our mistakes. More will try to be added soon. Some Fun Facts about Spencer are!!!:

1. Likes pie/pi

2. Wonders if Jen B. and Gavin B. are married in real life

3. Has the Goober Fever!

4. Considers everyone his friend.

5. Likes to write and make videos.

The rest of Spencer is a mystery...