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Date Joined February 16th, 2012
First Post Nellie Gomez Fans
Alias Jessica/Jess/Jessie
Branch Lucian

CobraRed30 joined the MB on February 16th, 2012 though she has had her account on the 39 Clues since 2009. Thanks to the merge, her agent name has changed to AwesomeNinja30. She goes by the name Jessica; a Lucian, Madrigal, and a Honorary Vesper.

She currently has all the books in the Clue Hunt and the Cahill vs. Vesper series, has read the Rapid Fire short e-books, and has not yet read the Cahill Files e-books. She is not willing to read the third or fourth series after the second series horribly crushed her expectations.

RP's and Stuff

She's signed up for many RP's, but has only managed to stick with one. It is the Percy Jackson RP made by Anroid. In this RP she is the daughter of Athena who has major problems with the God Dionysus and wields a sword that can grow up or down to any height she wants, with it feeling perfectly balanced in her hands. The RP has since died out, but she POVed the whole way through.

She has joined the Cold Blooded Killers RP and the Vesper Academy RP. Both of which died out.

Jess has written 2 stories, which are both incomplete, and will probably never be completed because she has other stuff to do.


Before she began in politics, Jess was also part of the Cahill Council founded by Becca, though she cannot remember her position.

She is a proud participant and founder of A Chain Reaction Of Compassion, and will always have it in her signature.

Jess helped Frankie with the first Cahill Prom, but after that relieved herself of the duties, as it was very messy and chaotic.

At one point, she was an ECT judge, a group of three who made sure election rules were followed and issued warnings and bans to those who did not follow the rules or guidelines of the branch elections. In the 3rd Lucian Council, Jess held the position of one of the Spies, and between the 3rd and 4th council was placed as impromptu leader to get the elections rolling, thanks to Montego. In the fourth and fifth Council, she ran for Co-Leader with Montego, and was also a Guardian Vice Leader. And in the sixth Council, was the single Lucian Leader, but resigned and left the MB midway through her term and gave the position to Cali. 

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