The Code Cracking Society, commonly known as the C.C.S. was at - one time - the greatest organisation on the Message Board. It was founded by RedPuppy47 to serve as an experiment, with the aforementioned not really expecting it to take off. Initially founded with the purpose of - as the name suggests - cracking codes, the society itself eventually expanded, covering a wide variety of subjct matter.


The C.C.S. HQ is situated on the Island of Gnikcarc. The HQ briefly appears and is sometimes mentioned in the Egypt RP .

Involvement in Egypt RP (TERP)

In the Egypt RP, the C.C.S. was involved when leader RedPuppy47 was invited into the RP. In it, the C.C.S. also conveniently functions as the personal army of the former Lucian Leader. The C.C.S. were led to the Nothing Base in Egypt which promptly blew up despite no C.C.S. members being nearby, so Red's escape from the base ended up in them falling down a plothole. Red has no regrets about letting this happen.

C.C.S. Council

For some reason nobody (he least of all) understands, Red decided near the founding of the group to mirror the Vespers' council layout. The council comprised of himself, the President, the Vice-President, and reps from all 4 branches. Red has since very much regretted this decision as this was the precursor to the Branch Councils in the MB political systems. While it wouldn't have prevented such trouble as there was, he wonders that perhaps it would not have ended up so bad.