The Ekaterina Council~ Fun and Help for All!

I am happy to annouce that we have had no rebellions, no fights, and very well behaved Ekats. I think we should rejoice in the good and not dwell on the bad. Amen to that!

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The Ekaterina Crest

~Rosie, Former Ekaterina Co-Leader :)

The Ekats are very organized and not unruly, as they have had no serious rebellions.

The next set of elections is being planned at the moment. Here is the schedule that she has decided on:

Round 1: Nominations - March 1st - 14th

Round 2: Voting - March 15th - 28th

Results - March 31st




  • Em


  • Crimson Journey
  • Merlyn


This position is empty due to lack of nominees in the previous elections. They will be appointed by the council on a later date with the Branch Diplomats.



  • Adekemi

Honorary Council Members

To name a few:

  • Kim [AmethystMeadow15]
  • Nate
  • Destiney [AgentWolf94]
  • Justin [HurricaneLynx11]
  • Christine
  • Kathy

Co-Leaders from the Past

The First Council

  • Isabel (CatCommando)
  • CarAirplane17

The Second Council

  • Smriti (DecipheringEnthusiastic5)
  • Rosie (AmethystStorm20)

The Third Council

  • Miks [EaglePurple20]
  • Rosie [AmethystStorm20]

The Fourth Council

  • Miks [EaglePurple20]
  • Charli7e [LightningThief5]

The Fifth Council

  • Amethyst [AmethystAuthor17]
  • Rosie [AmethystStorm20]

The Sixth Council

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