Date Joined August 17 2012
First Post Vesper Council Meeting for July 2012
Alias SteelFire1
Branch Vesper
Active No

SteelFire1 is Ashley's other account, or Fyre's account. Ashley has an account for each branch, that she uses to get the badges and stuff exclusive to each branch.

Fyre has only made two posts on the MB. One, wanting to join the Vespers. The other was a post about World Domination (Which is believed to be Ashley's true plan on the MB.)

Fyre first posted on the MB so Ashley could make her the villian in the Egypt Roleplay. However, the roleplay was shut down the same day. So now, Fyre wants to be the villian in the Vesper Prisoner Roleplay.

It is believed Fyre will play a part in Into the Gauntlet: The Ultimate Challenge (If the darned MB will ever let Ashley update)

Fyre assisted in hosting the Vesper Elections and has just put up the results for the Guardian elections.

Vesper Three.

Fyre is very scary. She loves causing pain to others (Especially Ashley) and she wants to be a Vesper because she believes none of the Online Vespers are 'Scary Enough'.

The only person she likes is Loki, from Thor and The Avengers.

She got a little mad when Max, Charli7e's alter ego, when she mentioned Fyre in her sig. Then Ashley and Fyre started saying that they would like to have alter egos mention them in their sigs.