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Some consider the Janus Council one of the best councils, because they can handle things well, and at the same time have a laugh. They're the best at making you happy and get a good laugh. Once they talked about Ashley throwing the Janus Council in a ditch. So, it soon became a RP on the MessageBoard.

But they are very orderly, since they never had a serious rebellion. The only one they did have was against Justin Bieber, a suspected Vesper, and another against peanut butter. They have a Janus Newbie Aid, aimed to helping new agents on the MB. Which, inspired others to start branch newbie aids. The Janus council is indeed talented. They are currently trying to beat the Vespers for the most fun Council.


Current Council

Leaders - Heather and Harper

Vice Leaders - Priyanka and [EMPTY]

Commander - Yoda aka Matt

Secretary - Ezra

Ambassadors - Blue, [Logan/Misty], Razi

Assistant of Operations - Ashley/Kai

The Second Janus Council

Emily was voted in as Vice Leader, but she was too busy for it. After multiple problems with Destiney as leader, she left for two months, promoting David, VP for two terms(A year and a half), to Co-Leader. 


David (TopazAnubis3)

Ashley (LokiFire3)

Vice Leaders:


Janus crest

Izaack (ClassifiedAnalyzing123)

Topaz (AthenaWizard271)

Commander: Misty (AquaCat538) Harper (DragonRider122)

(The Commanders split the jobs of Newbie Aid Rep, Informer, and Secretary.)

The First  Janus Council



David (TopazActor3)

Gabriel (ClassifiedBaseball)

Emily (HorsePurple91)

Ashley (SteelBone2)

Vice Leaders:

David (TopazActor3)

Izzi (left two weeks after she began her term.)

Secretary: Liz (MerlinFan7)

Informer: Izaack (ClassifiedAnalyzing123)

Ashley's Card

Ashley (SteelBone2)


Currently, Harper [RavenClaws110] is gathering the Janus to help form a schedule and plan for the elections.

She has, so far, come up with many things.

New Council Positions:

  • Leaders (2)
  • Vice Leaders (2)
  • Commander
  • Secretary
  • Ambassadors (3)
  • Assistant of Operations

Position Explanations:

Leaders: Organize and lead council, make meetings, shares ideas for helping the Janus, plans events and the next elections

Vice Leaders: Act in absence of leaders, help with meetings, and helps plan events

Commander: Acts in absence of Leaders and Vice leaders, helps with planning events

Secretary: Keeps track of members and meetings, in charge of contacting members who do not show up, in charge of keeping council on track with dates for events/elections.

Ambassador: In charge of commuting between branch councils

Assistant of Operations: Helps in all areas of the council, acts as backup

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