The Madrigal Council was at first in chaos after the old leader, GeneralHero4, left. So the Madrigal Vice Leader Hannah, after a long while, decided to do the elections. Once the elections were over, the council fell into place, with the new Madrigals.

After that council died, Kathy brought them back and pulled together a new, new council in December 2013.

Aaand, now the Madrigals are pretty much dead.

Current Madrigal Actions

At the moment, the Madrigals have just finished their elections, and are pulling everything together, such as deciding on further actions and recruiting more Madrigals.

The Madrigals are also considering pitching in to help the revival of A Chain Reaction of Compassion , the organization/movement that eKat, Jessica, and Kimmy were in charge of.

The Old, Dead Council

The New Madrigal Council was elected on December 5, 2013.

  • Kathy - Madrigal Leader
  • Justin - Former Madrigal Vice Leader
  • Priyanka - Former Special Agent
  • Rosie - Ekat Diplomat

Leader - Kathy

Vice Leaders - Ashley and eKat Chu

Secretary - Kimmy

Special Agent - Cali

Spies - eKat and [EMPTY]

Lucian Diplomat - Jessica

Ekaterina Diplomat - Rosie

Janus Diplomat - Ezra