Date Joined January 19 2012
First Post No more secrets
Alias DarkHeroine5
Branch Lucian
Active No

Katie is currently inactive on the MB.

Quick Summary

SecretCat23 is also known as DarkHeroine5 on The 39 Clues Message Board. She used to be a Janus agent, but she is now a Lucian operative. She is originally from Co. Dublin, but now lives in rural Co. Clare, both counties in
My First Agent Card as a Lucian Branch Member 2013

Her Agent Card

the Republic of Ireland. She is an only child who lives with her mother and ungrateful pet cat, whose name is Tabs. The name she goes by the name Katie Spaskaya on the Message Board.

Message Board History

Katie first discovered the Message Board when she was 11-and-three-quarters and has been an MBer ever since. She has an 'unintentional' alter-ego called Natalie. Natalie came around when Katie decided she wanted to go undercover on the MB to avoid being 'seen' by someone, and Natalie was the name Katie chose to be also known as, along with the help and agreement of some MBers.


She didn't actually mention her real name until she was on the MB for quite a while. She chose Cahill as her first surname on the MB, which lasted for a long time. Her next surname was Wizard, which only lasted a week or so. In late 2012, she adopted the surname of Spasky, and continues to go by that on there.

MB Politics

When Katie first started, she desperately wanted to join the Janus Council, but their elections started in September, and by then Katie kept changing her mind about joining a council or not. Eventually, she ditched the idea of joining the Janus Council, and decided to try running for the Madrigal Elections instead. She became the MC's Janus Diplomat. She also won a position in the Guardian Council, as the Guardian Puzzlemaster.

Other Stuff

Real Name: Katie Kelly

Looks: Dark brown hair, blue-grey eyes, pale skin.

Likes: Music, learning Russian, learning German, secondary school, going on holidays, cats, snakes, aviation, writing stories, drawing, Edam cheese, other stuff Katie can't think of at the moment

Dislikes: Homework, injections, SPIDERS, blocked noses, colds in general, Justin Bieber, other stuff Katie is currently not bothered to think of

Dream Job(s): Pilot, Journalist, Politician/President of Ireland, Author

Dream(s): To have all successful stories + fanfics to be turned into equally successful movies, to be fluent in Russian and German

P.S.-She's an amazing writer-Priya