These are all the 39 Clues ships. Ships are short for "relationships." 

  • Amian
  • Evan Tolliver
  • Jake Rosenbloom
  • Sineamilton or Hamnead
  • Natalie Kabra
  • Dan Cahill

Canon pairings

A Canon pairing is a pairing that's confirmed in the series. These are all the canon pairings throughout all 39 Clues series:

  • Carian, or Cara and Ian
  • Cora and Broderick
  • Dan Cahill and Molly
  • Evamy, or Evan and Amy
  • Hope and Arthur
  • Jamy, or Jake and Amy
  • Mary-Todd and Eisenhower Holt
  • Vikram and Isabel Kabra

Semi-canon pairings

A semi-canon pairing is a pairing that's been hinted at through the series, through flirts or kisses or hugs and such. Here they are:

  • Amy and Ian (Amian)
  • Alistair and Irina
  • Amy and Kurt (Kamy)
  • Arthur and Isabel
  • Dan and Natalie (Danatalie or Natan)
  • Hamilton and Amy (Hamy)
  • Irina and Vikram
  • Jonah and Nellie
  • Nellie and Shep
  • Phoenix and Natalie
  • Shep and Irina
  • Sinead and Evan
  • Vikram and Hope

If you see more semi-canon pairings, please add them here.

Crack/slash pairings

Crack/slash pairings are pairings that are completely ridiculous and never hinted at, only fanmade. Crack pairings also exist in between mods (see Javin ). Here they are:


  • Javin (Mod Jen B and Admin Gavin B)


  • Sinead and Casper
  • Sinead and Dan
  • Sinead and Hamilton (Hamead)
  • Sinead and Ian
  • Sinead and Jonah
  • Sinead and Ned


  • Jonah and Amy
  • Jonah and Natalie
  • Jonah and Sinead


  • Dan and Natalie (Danatalie or Natan)
  • Dan and Sinead


  • Ian and Cuddles
  • Ian and Reagan
  • Ian and Shrub
  • Ian and Sinead


  • Amy and Alistair
  • Amy and Cheesecake
  • Amy and Jonah
  • Amy and Ned


  • Natalie and Hamilton
  • Natalie and Jonah


  • Alistair and Beatrice
  • Broderick and Isabel
  • Casper and Sinead
  • Hamilton and Natalie
  • Irina and Fiske
  • Ned and Amy
  • Reagan and Ian


  • Beatrice and Amy (Bamy)
  • Dan and Atticus
  • Grace and Hillary
  • Hamilton and Jonah
  • Ian and Dan
  • Ian and Evan
  • Ian and Hamilton
  • Irina and Isabel
  • Sinead and Amy

Message Board Ships

There have been several Message Board Ships, mostly invented for fun, but are usually more annoying than anything. Most of these have been created by Kathy, the matchmaker of the MB, though some have also been created by Justin and Nikki.

  • Bella and Justin (Bellatin) [by Kathy]
  • Cali and Ivy (Calivy) [EVERYONE]
  • Conor and Ivy (Convy) [by Justin]
  • Cow King and a cow (The Cow Queens (as cow refers to a female bovine)) [by Boadicea]
  • Essy and Phillip (Esslip) [by Kathy]
  • Jack and Amethyst (Jackethyst) [Most of the MB] {Real-Life pairing}
  • Joe and Dracia (Jocia) [by Kathy]
  • Katherine and Joe (Jotherine) [by Kathy]
  • Kathy and Montego (Kathego) [by James and others]
  • Kathy and Joe (Joethy) [by James and others]
  • Kathy and Nathaniel (Kathaniel) [by Katherine]
  • Kathy and Pedro (Kadro) [by MBers]
  • Kathy and Red (Redthy) [by insane MBers]
  • Kristie and Zeke (Zestie) [by Chu and Clair]
  • Loki and Fyre (Lokyre) [by Kathy]
  • Lyss and Oz (Lyzzy) [EVERYONE :D]
  • Matt Wiz and Nikki (Matki) [by Clair]
  • Montego and Banana [by Megan]
  • Montego and James (Jametego) [by Sapphire] {recently resurrected}
  • Montego and Jessica (Montessica) [by Kathy]
  • Montego and Jesus (Jesugo) [by James]
  • Montego and Kat (Katego) [by Kathy]
  • Peter and Clair (Pair) [by Nikki]
  • Seira and Aaron (The Dragon Couple) [much of the MB]
  • Stephen and Rachel (Stephel)
  • Tessa and Paz (Tessaz) [accidentally created by Boadicea]