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Date Joined October 12 2011
First Post I think I now ho is Vesper One
Alias MonkeyLucian1
Branch Vesper
Active No

Monkey (also known as David and, unfortunately, MonkeyLucian1) is an average famous messageboarder. He is one of the so called 'Active Vespers' and has the job of Vesper 8 in the council.

Some facts about him:

  • Does not believe in 'good and evil Vespers'.
  • Had a debate for about three months with CrinsomCobra (Kaleb).
  • Along with SpiritedRogue3 (Grace), was the first Vesper in the Council to have an assistant.
  • Assumed fan of Percy Jackson.
  • Is in the famous Egypt RP.
  • Nobody knows his real age, but he said that is not older than 16.
  • His first post in the MB was he making up a character and saying that he was Vesper 1.
  • Is one of the few persons in the Message Board who believes Vesper 1 is Nathaniel Hartford.
  • Had his nickname coming from a speech he made in the Vesper Elections (and a little help from FireDragon113 (Jason)).
  • Never used any "letter emoticons", or things like L. O. L.
  • Rarely posts in color or use emoticons.
  • Has made two groups (T.B.O and Vesper Elite) and two R.P.S. (Travel of Jules Verne RP and Hitchkers Guide to Galaxy R.P).
  • Has joined the Vesper Academy.
  • Was one of the first persons to suspect CommandoDectetive7 (Vince) of not being a real Vesper.
  • This is the first Wiki he uses.