Ashley's Card
Date Joined September 1 2011
First Post Post your questions for Author Gordon Korman's visit to Cahill Command
Alias LokiFire3
Branch Janus
Active No

SteelBone2 (Better Known as Ashley) is a fairly popular agent on the Message Board. She is now inactive.


  • She is currently a Janus Leader
  • She is currently in charge of the CVP due to Jason's abandoning of it.
  • She is the head of the Honorary Vespers.
  • She is Vesper Seven: The Cahill Vice
  • She is co-founder of the Mixes, a group of Cahills who aren't from just one branch
  • She loves the Hunger Games, claiming she is a 'District 4 Resident, District 5 Victor'
  • She came up with the idea of Into the Gauntlet: The Ultimate Challenge
  • She says anyone can call her whatever they want, claiming Ashley is not her real name.
  • She uses the name 'Ashley Hanson' in roleplays, saying it's no where near her real name (It's not :P)
  • She invented the word 'Goober', which is overpopular on the Messanger Board.
  • She hasn't changed her card since the day she joined the website (Except the small Saladin above her agent name)
  • Her card has been added by 900 agents (Or at least, last time she checked...)
  • Made the first ? and fourth round of the third Janus elections, the first round of the Madrigal Elections, and the first, second, and thrid rounds of the Vesper elections.(Note: Double check this.)
  • She is only an A-list agent through an error on the website
  • She always signs her name '~Ashley'
  • She had a question answered by Gordon Korman
  • She sent a 'Grammar review' to Peter Lerangis
  • She had the first post to ever be responded to by an author
  • She wants someone else to make this page look 'cool' (Someone else has. *wiggles eyebrows*)
  • She blows up people with her awesomeness.....................and puts them in her ditch
  • She was the first Honorary Vesper.


  • Has her own Wiki, Fyre's Guide to Creativity Wiki (AKA Fyre's Guide to Wiki)
  • Loves Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra(As do ReadingLavender and TopazActor3)
  • Likes to act and sing