Storm Warning
Storm Warning
Author Linda Sue Park
Main Setting(s) Jamaica
Publication date May 25, 2010
Pages 190
Series 39 Clues
Preceded by
The Emperor's Code
Followed by
Into the Gauntlet


Behind the Black

"The shadow of a man in black has followed fourteen-year-old Amy Cahill and her younger brother, Dan, on their worldwide search for 39 Clues that lead to a great power. Amy and Dan know the man in black has tried to kill them. They know he is a Madrigal, a member of the most secretive and terrifying group hunting for the Clues. And they know something else, a secret they would rather forget - their parents were Madrigals, too. Amy and Dan have run hard and fast, but they can't escape the man following them. And now, in the wake of a terrible tragedy, he's ready to step out of the darkness for their final confrontation."