This Article (The 41 Rings) is about an RP

The 41 Rings is an idea made up by RedPuppy47 (who likes to be known by his alias, Red). The prospect was a bit like the Lord of the Rings, except with all the Clues as the Rings. Take, for example, the Uranium Ring (One of the very few Red explained to us.). You would need four milligrams of Uranium to recharge it after twenty minutes.

Power Rings

These Rings control more powerful things, but are weaker to make up for it. the Uranium Ring, Silver Ring etc. are Power Rings.

What they do.

Unfortunatly, "41 Rings" is currently inactive; Red abandoned it as well as quite a few of his other Message Board "projects". So far, the only rings known on the MB are rings 1-7 (out of the possible 41).