The Defenders is a group on the MB dedicated to reporting posts that go against the Message Board rules. It was founded by Freelancer37 (Aaron) and Dragonfire1103 (Seira) on June 9th, 2014. The two then began to co-direct the group.

Shortly into the group's life, Kathy, Andrea, and a few others suggested that many of the Defenders acted like "mini-mods," and behaved unpleasantly (i.e., alleged anger issues and sensitivity of many of their members).

The Defenders' rules also had what could be considered homophobic sentiment, as was pointed out by Cali and Ivy. It turned out that the example in question had not meant to be seen in such a light; nevertheless, the rules were changed to avoid any further misunderstandings. 

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The Defenders were also obviously involved in The Defenders War. Since then, the Defenders have made large improvements to their group, of which they have expressed pride. They've stated that they are 'starting over', hopefully for the better. They've taken some criticism and complaints and used them to make these improvements. However, there have been many situations where they had responded negatively to suggestions from those who were not prominent Defenders.

Despite their flaws, the Defenders have helped people on numerous occasions, even going so far as to help on the Spirit Animals Message Board when it asked of them. They hope to continue helping in the future.

On August 28th, 2014, FreeLancer37 notified the MB that he was stepping down as director of the Defenders, in hopes that he could start other good things around the MB.

At the moment, the group is on a hiatus, which may last for a bit longer while Seira and George figure things out.

- February 3, 2015: Seira announced that she was going to take a break from the Defenders. No one knows when she will return. George needs another Co-Leader.

- February 22, 2015: George announced that the Defenders would be on hiatus due to lack of other leaders.