The Tomas Council began to fall apart when the Tomas Rebellion ensued under Nessa and Frankie, causing several branch members to detest the government. Soon after, the Tomas Leader (Jason/FireDragon113) resigned, leaving former Vice Leader Katherine (AmethystAlliance23) to be bumped up to Leader.  Katherine, after so long, is STILL the Tomas Leader, according the latest elections. However, the Tomas have decided to remain inactive in politics since the branch is beginning to die off, and sadly not enough agents really remain.

Rebuilding: On August 17, 2014, MBer Danny created the Tomas brigade, an organization to rebuild the council. It was going well until Danny left mysteriously. The whole organization (then led by VampireNinja31) totally collapsed under poor leadership and laziness. There were several attempts to rebuild from then on but they never worked...

Currently, on the MB, random Tomas agents are starting up unofficial councils, but as soon as they spring up, they die off.

The Last Official Council

Leader: Katherine/MightyUnicorn6

Vice Leader(s): Jake and Grady/TummyLlama1

Secretary: Kathy/SneakyGirl1

Reporter: Frankie/BlackBone44

Code Breaker: Bridget/SurvivingHydra10

Assassin: Rob/AquaLion130

Ambassador: Abby/GreenAthlete21

Leaders from the Past

MagicRacer1 (1 term)

Jason/FireDragon113  (1 term)

Katherine/AmethystAlliance23  (3 terms)

  • Katherine
  • Kathy
  • Abby
  • Rob
  • Frankie
  • Bridget
  • Jason