This Article (Vesper Prisoner Roleplay) is about an RP

The Vesper Prisoner Roleplay (VPRP) is one of the sequels to the Egypt Roleplay. Joe, Vince, and Rex are 'In Charge', not allowing anyone else to be creative or better than them.

What is known is:

  • Almost all Cahills are prisioned on the Vesper HQ
  • Dracia tried to kill herself...kind of.
  • For some reason, despite the fact that the Council of Eight is in charge of the compound, Ashley, Vesper Seven in the roleplay, is locked up.
  • Katherine is locked up, as well, which is odd, because she's an Honorary.
  • Madz and Viper are on a secret mission.
  • Pedro had a sickeness.
  • Vince cut the energy from the Vesper HQ and started a fire.
  • Vince and Abbey are dating.
  • Salamander have Dartak and is on the Council Meeting Room, waiting for someone.
  • Fyre is being a secret creeper, calling Dracia.

What is soon to come is:

  • Fyre will steal Ashley's identity, pretending to join the Vespers.
  • The real Ashley will be locked up...again, but this time by Fyre.
  • Salamander will be forced to drink a serum in which he will alter personalities with Monkey.
  • Sapphire will try her best to cook up some POV that annoys Joe.
  • Sapphire and 'Ashley' (Fyre) will try their best to cook
  • Kazey will read the thread and laugh maniacally
  • Katherine and Dracia blow up the Vesper base
  • Somewhere in there Rex tries to date Katherine
  • Viper dies and comes back as a ghost
  • Joe sends other people to do his bidding (again)

Fortunately, the RP is now dead, but not locked. Katherine was the last to post on the thread.